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Comunicaciones en Reuniones y Congresos Científicos Internacionales



30th European Frequency and Time Forum (2016), York, Reino Unido

  • AUTORES/AS: M. DeMiguel-Ramos, G. Rughoobur, A. J. Flewitt, T. Mirea, B. Díaz-Durán, J. Olivares, M. Clement, E. Iborra Transparent thin film bulk acoustic wave resonators - Oral
  • A. Delicado, M. Clement, J. Olivares, T. Mirea, B. Díaz-Durán, E. Iborra Influence of induced stress on AlN-solidly mounted resonators - Póster
  • V. Yantchev, A. Jesorka, T. Mirea, E. Iborra High coupling phononic SH-SAW resonators for in-liquid operation - Póster
  • T. Mirea, E. Iborra, V. Yantchev S-0 Lamb wave resonators for in-liquid sensing: promising alternative to shear bulk acoustic wave devices - Charla y premio en la student competition

Eurosensors XXX (2016), Budapest, Hungría

  • J. M. Escolano, J. Olivares, M. Clement, T. Mirea, J. Sangrador, B. Díaz-Durán, E. Iborra Bacteria detection with high-frequency gravimetric biosensors based on AlN thin film resonators - Póster
  • J. M. Escolano, B. Díaz-Durán, J. Olivares, M. Clement, T. Mirea, E. Iborra Direct comparison of the sensitivity of QCMs and AlN-based TFRs biosensors - Póster
  • T. Mirea, J. Olivares, M. Clement, B. Díaz-Durán, J. Sangrador, E. Iborra Solidly mounted resonators with integrated carbon nanotube forests for chemical sensing - Póster

2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Tours, Francia

  • T. Mirea, J. Olivares, M. Clement, B. Díaz-Durán, J. Sangrador, E. Iborra AlN based-Solidly mounted resonators at high temperatures: In-situ characterization - Póster



Joint EFTF and IFCS Symposium 2015, Denver, USA

  • M. DeMiguel-Ramos, S. González, M. Clement, T. Mirea, J. Olivares, E. Iborra Tungsten oxide as high acoustic impedance material for fully insulating acoustic reflectors - Póster
  • V. Felmetsger, M. Clement, J. Olivares, M. DeMiguel-Ramos, T. Mirea, M. Mikhov, E. Iborra Sputtered Al(1-x)ScxN thin films with high areal uniformity for mass production - Póster

International Conference in Bio-Sensing Technology 2015, Lisboa, Portugal

  • M. DeMiguel-Ramos, M. Clement, T. Mirea, J. Olivares, J. Sangrador, E. Iborra Effects of biologically compatible buffers on the electrical response of gravimetric resonators operating at GHz frequencies - Póster



IEEE Aerospace Conference 2014 (1–8 March 2014, Big Sky, Montana, USA)

  • Ai X., Nock R. W., Dahnoun N., Rarity J., Consoli A., Esquivias I., Quatrevalet M., Erhet G. “Pseudo-random Single Photon Counting for Space-borne Atmospheric Sensing Applications”.

SPIE Photonics Europe 2014: Conference 9135, Laser Sources and Applications II (14-17 April 2014, Brussels, Belgium)

  • Esquivias I., Consoli A., Krakowski M., Faugeron M., Kochem G., Traub M., Barbero J., Fiadino P., Ai X., Rarity J., Quatrevalet M., Erhet G. “High-brightness all semiconductor laser at 1.57 μm for space-borne lidar measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide: device design and analysis of requirements”.

SPIE Photonics Europe 2014: Conference 9134, Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics VI (14-17 April 2014, Brussels, Belgium)

  • Tijero J. M. G., Borruel L., Vilera M., Consoli A., Esquivias I. “Simulation and geometrical design of multi-section tapered semiconductor optical amplifiers at 1.57 μm”.
  • Vilera M., Tijero J. M. G., Consoli A., Aguilera S., Adamiec P., Esquivias I. “Emission regimes in a distributed feedback tapered master-oscillator power-amplifier at 1.5 μm”.

Fotonica'2014 AEIT (12-14 May 2014, Naples, Italy)

  • Marino A., Otón E., Bennis N., Quintana X., Otón J.M., Tkachenko V.“Ellipsometric study of nematic alignment on silicon oxides for display”.

Second International Conference on Applications of Optics and Photonics (AOP14) (26‐30 May 2014, Aveiro, Portugal)

  • Tijero J.M.G., Esquivias I., Consoli A., Quatrevalet M., Ehret G., Ai X., Rarity J., Krakowski M., Faugeron M., Kochem G., Traub M., Barbero J., López D. “Remote sensing of atmospheric carbon dioxide with a random modulated CW lidar based on monolithic master-oscillator power amplifier”.
  • Vilera M., García Tijero J., Consoli A., Aguilera S., Esquivias I., Adamiec P. “Characterization of selfpulsations in a monolithic master oscillator power amplifier”.

XXXIV-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium on Photonics, Web Engineering, Electronics for Astronomy and High Energy Physics (26 Mayo – 1 Junio 2014, Wilga, Polonia)

  • Poudereux D., Orzechowski K., Chojnowska O., Tefelska M., Woliński T.R., Otón J.M. “Infiltration of a photonic crystal fiber with cholesteric liquid crystal and blue phase”.

European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) 2014 (23-26 Junio 2014, Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

  • Barba M., DeMiguel-Ramos M., Mirea T., Olivares J., Clement M., Sangrador J., Iborra E. “Influence of the electrical extensions in AlN-BAW resonators for in-liquid biosensors”.
  • DeMiguel-Ramos M., Mirea T., Olivares J., Clement M., Sangrador J., Iborra E. “Assessment of the acoustic shear velocity in SiO2 and Mo for acoustic reflectors”.
  • Rughoobur G., DeMiguel-Ramos M., García-Gancedo L., Clement M., Mirea T., Olivares J., Iborra E., Flewitt A.J., Milne W.I. “Seed Layer Controlled Deposition of ZnO Films with a Tilted c-axis for Shear Mode Resonators”.

14th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD 14) (1‐4 September 2014, Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

  • Tijero J. M. G., Borruel L., Vilera M., Esquivias I. “Analysis of the performance of tapered semiconductor optical amplifiers: role of the taper angle”.

2014 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (3-6 Septiembre 2014, Chicago, USA)

  • DeMiguel-Ramos M., Rughoobur G., Clement M., Olivares J., Mirea T., Flewitt A. J., Iborra E. “ZnO/AlN Stacked BAW Resonators with Double Resonance”.
  • DeMiguel-Ramos M., Rughoobur G., Olivares J., García-Gancedo L., Mirea T., Clement M., Iborra E., Flewitt A. J. “The influence of Acoustic Reflectors on the Temperature Coefficient of Frequency of Solidly Mounted Resonators”.
  • Mirea T., DeMiguel-Ramos M., Yantchev V., Clement M., Olivares J., Iborra E., Katardjiev I. “AlN solidly mounted resonators for high temperature applications”.
  • Mirea T., Iborra E., Yantchev V. “Microacoustic in-liquid sensors based on thin AlN films: A comparative study”.
  • Mirea T., Olivares J., Esconjauregui S., DeMiguel-Ramos M., Clement M., Sangrador J., Iborra E. “Carbon Nanotube Forests as Top Electrodes for AlNBased Electroacoustic Resonators”.

24th IEEE International Semiconductor Laser Conference (7-10 September 2014. Mallorca, Spain)

  • Vilera M., Tijero J. M.G., Aguilera S., Adamiec P., Consoli A., Esquivias I. “Characterization of emission regimes in a 1.5 µm high brightness MOPA”.

First International Workshop on Space-based Lidar Remote Sensing Techniques and Emerging Technologies (8-12 September 2014, Paris, France)

  • Esquivias I., Ehret G., Quatrevalet M., Perez-Serrano A., Tijero J.M.G., Faugeron M., van Dijk F., Krakowski M., Kochem G., Traub M., Barbero J., Adamiec P., Ai X., Rarity J. “High Brightness Semiconductor Lasers as Transmitters for Space Lidar Systems”.

International Conference on Space Optics (ICSO 2014) (7-10 October 2014, Tenerife, Spain)

  • Esquivias I., Tijero J. M. G., Faugeron M., van Dijk F., Krakowski M., Kochem G., Traub M., Barbero J., Adamiec P., Ai X., Rarity J., Quatrevalet M., Ehret G. “Random-Modulation cw lidar system for space-borne carbon dioxide remote sensing based on a high-brightness semiconductor laser”.
  • Faugeron M., Krakowski M., Robert Y., Vinet E., Primiani P., Parrillaud O., van Dijk F., Vilera Suarez M. F., Consoli A., Tijero J. M. G., Esquivias I. “Monolithic Master Oscillator Power Amplifier at 1.58 µm for lidar measurements”.
  • Porte H., Le Kernec A., Peñate Quesada L., Esquivias I., Brahimi H., Barbero Gonzalez J., Mottet A., Sotom M. “Optimization and Evaluation in Space Conditions of Multi-GHz Optical Modulators”.



2013 Conference on Lasers & Electro-Optics. Europe & International Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO EUROPE/IQEC) (12-16 May 2013, Munich, Germany)

  • Javaloyes J., Vilera M., Consoli A., Adamiec P., Garcia-Tijero J.M., Aguilera S., Esquivias I., Balle S. “Dynamical characterization of monolithic MOPAs emitting at 1.5 µm”.

42th International School and Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (Jaszowiec 2013) (22-27 Junio 2013, Wista, Poland)

  • Adamiec P., Tijero J.M.G., Esquivias I. “Analysis of gain-switching in two-section tapered lasers”.

2013 Joint UFFC, EFTF and PFM Symposium (21—25 July 2013, Prague, Czech Republic)

  • DeMiguel-Ramos M., Clement M., Olivares J., Capilla J., Sangrador J., Iborra E. “Induced Surface Roughness to Promote the Growth of Tilted-AlN Films for Shear Mode Resonators”.
  • Iborra E., Felmetsger V., Mikhov M., Capilla J., Olivares J., Clement M. “Piezoelectric and Electroacoustic Properties of V-Doped and Ta-Doped AlN Thin Films”.
  • Iborra E., García-Gancedo L., Esconjáuregui S., Sangrador J., Clement M., Mirea T., DeMiguel-Ramos M., Olivares J., Capilla J., Flewitt A. J., Milne W. I. “Acoustic Properties of Carbon Nanotube Electrodes in BAW Resonators”.
  • Olivares J., DeMiguel-Ramos M., Iborra E., Clement M., Mirea T., Moreira M., Katardjiev I. “IR-Reflectance Assessment of the Tilt Angle of AlN-Wurtzite Films for Shear Mode Resonators”.

12th International Conference on Education and Training in Optics & Photonics 2013, ETOP13 (23-26 Julio 2013, Oporto, Portugal)

  • Consoli A., Rodero Sanchez J., Horche P. R., Esquivias I."Web based interactive educational software introducing semiconductor laser dynamics: Sound Of Lasers (SOL)".

SAM-CONAMET 2013 (20-23 Agosto 2013, Puerto Iguazú, Argentina)

  • Barolin S.A., de Sanctis O.A. “Caracterización estructural y eléctrica de películas delgadas de ZrO2-Yb2O3”.
    Leret P., de la Rubia M.A., de Frutos J., Fernández J.F. “Diseño de bordes de grano con distinta respuesta eléctrica en cerámicas tipo CCTO dopadas con SiO2”.
  • Terny C., de la Rubia M. A., Alonso R.E., Frechero M., De Frutos J. “Propiedades eléctricas de vidrios con base en TeO2 modificados con cationes divalentes”.

International Meeting on Ferroelectricity 2013 (1-6 September 2013, Kracovia, Polonia)

  • López García A., Alonso R.E., de la Rubia M. A., de Frutos J. “Hyperfine electric field gradient in PbTi(1-x)Hf(x)O3 for X=0.25, 0.5 and 0.75.(P)”.

12th European Conference on Molecular Electronics, ECME 2013 (3-7 Septiembre 2013, Londres, Reino Unido)

  • Del Pozo G., Mróz M.M., Bennis N., Otón J.M., Romero B., Bernardo R., Granados D., Cabanillas-González J. “Polyfluorene based rib waveguides for chemical sensing applications”.

XX Conference on Liquid Crystals (15-20 Septiembre 2013, Mikołajki, Polonia)

  • Algorri J.F., Urruchi V., Romero B., Sánchez-Pena J.M., Bennis N. “Assessment of optical aberrations of tunable liquid crystal cylindrical microlenses”.
  • Bennis N., Oton E., Marino A., Tkachenko V., Quintana X. “Ellipsometric study of VANs with silicon oxides as alignment surfaces”.
  • Bennis N.; García-García A., Dabrowski R.; Czerwinski M., Otón J.M. “Electrooptical performance of new orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystal in thick cells”.
  • Carrasco-Vela C.; Gippini A.; García-García A.; Quintana X. “Linearly polarized reverse mode PDLC devices”.
  • García-García A., Geday M.A., Quintana X., Otón E., Otón J.M. “Anisotropic conductivity of carbon nanotubes oriented in liquid crystal cells”.
  • Oton E., Cerrolaza B., Bennis N., Escolano J.M, Geday M.A. “Rapid Aptamer based diagnostics for bacterial meningitis”.
  • Otón E., López-Andrés S., Bennis N., Otón J.M., Geday M.A. “Silicon oxides as alignment surfaces for VANs in photonic devices”.
  • Otón J.M.; Otón E., Piecek W., Geday M.A., Quintana X. “Beam Steering in Liquid Crystals”.
  • Poudereux D., Geday M.A., Corredera P., García-García A., Otón J.M. “Hybrid liquid crystal - photonic crystal fiber tunable interferometer”.
  • Poudereux D.; Encinar J.A.; Barba M.; Pérez G.; Quintana X. “Tunable Liquid Crystal Microwave Reflectarray Antenna”.
  • Sánchez I., Carrasco-Vela C., Poudereux D., Bennis N.; Cano M. “Organic light emitting diode based on electroluminescent liquid crystal”.
  • Spadło A., Czerwiński M., Węgłowski R., Czupryński K., Bennis N., Cerrolaza B., Geday M.A. “Biopolymers as alignment layers for liquid crystal mixtures”.
  • Żurowska, R. Dąbrowski, M. Filipowicz, M. Czerwiński, K. Tomala, N. Bennis, J. M. Otón. “Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new high tilted antiferroelectric liquid crystals with –CH2O- bridge near the chiral center”.


V Reunión Nacional de Sólidos (19-22 Noviembre 2013, Rosario, Argentina)

  • Barolin S. A., de la Rubia M. A., Rubio-Marcos F., de Sanctis O., Alonso R. E., Cebollada F., Fernández Lozano J. F., de Frutos J. “Síntesis y caracterización ferro-piezoeléctrica y magnética de KNN-LTS poroso y CoFe2O4”.



SPIE Photonics West 2012: Conference 8277, Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XI (23-26 January 2012, San Francisco, USA)

  • Adamiec P., Consoli A., Tijero J. M.G., Esquivias I., Schwertfeger S., Klehr A., Wenzel H., Erbert G. “Short pulse generation by Q-switching two section tapered lasers”.

Photon 12 (3-6 June 2012, Durham, UK)

  • Algorri J.F., Urruchi V., Sánchez-Pena J.M., Otón J.M. “Performance evaluation of a liquid crystal based 3D autostereoscopic display”.


24th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC-12) (19-24 August 2012, Mainz, Germany)

  • Algorri J.F., Urruchi V., Sánchez-Pena J.M., Otón J.M. “Simulations on Distribution of Phase Retardation through Liquid Crystal Lenses”.


13th International Symposium on Colloidal and Molecular Electrooptics (ELOPTO12) (2-5 September 2012, Ghent, Belgium)

  • Oton E., Piecek W., Morawiak P., Ziobro D., Dabrowski R., Raszewski Z., Jaroszewicz L. “Kerr Effect in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals for Beam Steering Devices”.

15th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning and 41st International Conference on Engineering Pedagogy (26-29 September 2012, Villach, Austria)

  • Consoli A., Bonilla B., Rodríguez Horche P., Esquivias I. “Sound of lasers (SOL) - An audiovisual approach to semiconductor laser dynamics”.

4th International Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics, 9-11 December 2012, Hkust, Hong Kong

  • Piecek W., Morawiak P., Otón E., Jaroszewicz L., Raszewski Z., Dąbrowski R. “Analog, polarization insensitive, tunable beam steering device based on short pitch cholesteric liquid crystals”.



SPIE Photonics West 2011: Conference 7952, Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XV, (26-27 January 2011, San Francisco, California, USA)

  • Consoli A., Arias J., Tijero J. M., López Hernández F. J., Esquivias I. “Electrical characterization of long wavelength VCSELs with tunnel junction”.

SPIE Photonics West 2011: Conference 7953, Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers X, (25-28 January 2011, San Francisco, California, USA)

  • Ruiz M., Michel N., Calligaro M., Robert Y., Lecomte M., Parillaud O., Krakowski M., Esquivias I., Odriozola H., Tijero J. M. G. “Very high modulation efficiency two-sections tapered laser diode at 1060nm for free space optical communications”.

11th European Conference on Liquid Crystals (ECLC2011) (6-9 February 2011, Maribor, Slovenia)

  • Cerrolaza B., Geday M.A., Quintana X., Otón J.M. “MPRT measurement in monopixel test cells including capacitance effects”.
  • Geday M.A., Quintana X., Otón J.M. “Liquid crystal devices in space applications”.
  • Quintana X., Cerrolaza B., Geday M.A., Otón J.M. “Pretilt measurement extended method with two oblique incident angles”.
  • Urruchi V., Sánchez-Pena J.M., Bennis N., Quintana X., Otón J.M. “Electrooptic characterization of tunable cylindrical liquid crystals”.

2011 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO 2011) (1-6 May 2011, Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

  • Chauhan V., Cohen J., Xu L., Vaughan P., Consoli A., Ratner J., Wong Tsz Chun, Trebino R. “Double-blind frequency-resolved optical gating for measuring two different pulses simultaneously”.

IEEE International Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications (ICSOS 2011) (11-13 May 2011, Santa Monica, USA)

  • Carrasco A., Otón E., Geday M., Vergaz R., Sánchez-Pena J.M., Otón J.M. “Low-Impact Air-to-Ground Free-Space Optical Communication System Design and First Results”.
  • Otón E., Carrasco A., Vergaz R., Otón J.M., Quintana X., Geday M. “Improved 2D tunable beam steering-lens device based on high birefringence liquid crystals”.

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and 12th European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO EUROPE/EQEC2011) (22-26 May 2011, Munich, Germany)

  • Consoli A., Tijero J.M. G., Azaña J., Park Y., Esquivias I. “Frequency chirp characterization of a gain-switched semiconductor laser using photonic differentiation based on polarization interferometry”.

Conference on Signal Recovery & Synthesis (SRS 2011) (10-14 July 2011, Toronto, Canada)

  • Chauhan V., Vaughan P., Cohen J., Wong Tsz Chun, Ratner J., Xu L., Consoli A., Trebino R. “Using Blind Deconvolution to Simultaneously Retrieve Two Ultrashort Laser Pulses”.

19th Conference on Liquid Crystals (CLC2011) (18-23 September 2011, Miedzyzdroje, Poland)

  • Bennis N., Moreno I., Oton E., Davis J. A., Quintana X. “Tunable spiral phase plate for optical tweezers”.
  • Budaszewski D., Woliński T. R., Geday M.A., Otón J.M. “Photonic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Fibers”.
  • Carrasco-Vela C., Geday M.A., Cerrolaza B., Otón J.M., Quintana X. “Linearly polarized reverse mode PDLC devices”.
  • Cerrolaza B., Corredera P., Carrasco-Vela C., Quintana X., Geday M.A. “Tunable Bragg Gratings based on solid core Photonic Crystal Fiber”.
  • Geday M.A., Quintana X., Cerrolaza B., Urruchi V., Otón J.M. “3D imaging and projection: the role of LCDs”.
  • Otón E., Geday M.A., Carrasco-Vela C., Otón J.M. “2D tunable analog and digital beam steering with liquid crystals”.
  • Poudereux D., Carrasco-Vela C., Bennis N., Cerrolaza B., Otón J.M. “Characterization of hollow-core photonic crystal fibers infiltrated with short pitch liquid crystal structures”.
  • Quintana X., Otón E., Crespo L., Bennis N., Geday M.A. “Fast switching antiferroelectric liquid crystal for 3D display application”.
  • Urruchi V., Algorri J. F., Geday M. A., Quintana X., Bennis N., Sanchez-Pena J. M. “Lenticular arrays based on liquid crystals”.
  • Żurowska M., Dąbrowski R., Dziaduszek J., Rejmer W., Filipowicz M., Czerwiński M., Czupryński K., Bennis N., Otón J.M. “Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of (S)-4'-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)biphenyl-4-yl 4-[3-(2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,5-nonafluoropentyloxy)prop-1-oxy]benzoates”.

European Conference on Radiation Effects on Component and Systems (RADECS 2011) (19-23 September, Sevilla, Spain)

  • Esquivias I., García-Tijero J.M., Barbero J., López D., Fischer M., Roessner K., Koeth J. “Evaluation of the Radiation Hardness of GaSb-based Laser Diodes for Space Applications”.


Comunicaciones en Reuniones y Congresos Científicos Nacionales


VIII Reunión Española de Optoelectrónica OPTOEL 2013 (10-12 Julio 2013, Alcalá de Henares)

  • Bennis N., Garcia-Garcia A., Dąbrowski R., Czerwiński M., Geday M.A. “Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals for non-display applications”.
  • Consoli A, Tijero J.M.G., Esquivias I. “Estimación del error en la medida del factor de ensanchamiento de línea en láseres de semiconductor”.
  • García-García A.; Quintana X.; Bennis N.; Poudereux D.; Otón J.M. “Conductivity variations of multi-walled carbon nanotubes oriented in liquid crystal cells”.
  • Otón E.; Piecek W.; Morawiak P.; Geday M.A.; Otón J.M. “Wedged Analog Tunable Beam Steering Device based on Cholesteric Liquid Crystals”.
  • Pérez P., Noriega I., Quirce A., Consoli A., Valle A., Pesquera L., Esquivias I. “Microwave signal generation using a dual‐beam optically injected 1550 nm VCSEL”.
  • Poudereux D.; Corredera P.; Otón E.; Otón J.M.; Quintana X. “Tunable Liquid Crystal – Photonic Crystal Fiber Interferometer”.
  • Vilera M., Adamiec P., Consoli A., Tijero J. M. G., Aguilera S., Esquivias I., Javaloyes J., Balle S. “Analysis of Mode Competition in a Monolithic Master‐Oscillator Power‐Amplifier emitting at 1.5 μm”.


XI Reunión Nacional de Electrocerámica - Zaragoza 2013 (19-21 Junio 2013, Zaragoza)

  • Barolin S.A., de la Rubia M.A., Rubio-Marcos F., de Sanctis O., Fernandez Lozano J.F., de Frutos J. “Respuesta ferro-piezoeléctrica de KNN-LTS poroso”.
  • Bernardo B., de Frutos J., Caballero A.C., Peiteado M. “Evolución microestructural en la preparación de materiales compuestos NiFe2O4-BaTiO3 por vía hidrotermal”.
  • Bernardo M.S., Jardiel T., Peiteado M., Mompean F., Garcia-Hernandez M., García M.A., Caballero A.C. “Influencia de la segregación de Ti4+ en la respuesta multiferroica de materiales basados en BiFeO3”.
  • Enríquez E., Fernández J.F., de la Rubia M.A. “Aplicaciones basadas en las propiedades eléctricas y térmicas de recubrimientos de sílice-cb obtenidos por el método sol-gel”.
  • Fernández J. F., Rubio-Marcos F., Del Campo A., Enríquez E., Leret P., de la Rubia M. A., Reinosa J. J., Moure A., Serrano A., Rojas R., Quesada A. “Resolución estructural en 3D de electrocerámicas mediante microscopía RAMAN confocal”.
  • Menéndez E., de Frutos J., Alvaro A. “Estudio de la evolución de las fases de hidratación de cementos con adición de cenizas de fondo mediante caracterización eléctrica y DRX”.
  • Terny C., De la Rubia M. A., Alonso R.E., Frechero M., de Frutos J. “Comportamiento eléctrico de cerámicas débilmente cristalizadas, con base de TeO2”.
    Verde M., Peiteado M., Ferrari B., Caballero A.C. “Obtención de láminas delgadas mediante deposición electroforética de nanopartículas de ZnO”.


LIII Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica y Vidrio y XII Congreso del Técnico Cerámico (23-25 de Octubre de 2013, l’Alcora, Castellón)

  • Terny S., de la Rubia M.A., Alonso R., Frechero M., de Frutos J. “Estudio y Caracterización Estructural y Microestructural de Sistemas Vítreos con Base en TeO2 Modificado con Cationes Alcalinotérreos”.



X Reunión Nacional de Optica ( 4-7 September 2012, Zaragoza, Spain)

  • Ramírez C., Otón E., Iemmi C., Moreno I., Bennis N., Otón J. M., Campos J. “Implementación de un interferómetro de difracción puntual con un monopíxel de cristal líquido”.



VII Reunión Española de Optoelectrónica (OPTOEL 2011) (29 June-1 July 2011, Santander, Spain)

  • Adamiec P., Consoli A., Tijero J.M.G., Esquivias I. “Simple dynamic model of a two-section tapered laser”.
  • Carrasco C., Quintana X., Otón E., Geday M. A., Otón J. M. “Security devices based on liquid crystals doped with dichroic color dye and polyimide alignment layer”.
  • Cerrolaza B., Quintana X., Otón E., Otón J. M., Geday M. A. “Extended method for pretilt and thickness determination in LCOS VAN displays”.
  • Consoli A., Arias J., Esquivias I. “Caracterización eléctrica de VCSELs de unión túnel emitiendo a 1.55 µm”.
  • Consoli A., Tijero J.M. G., Azaña J., Park Y., Esquivias I. “Derivador óptico basado en polarización para la medida de la frecuencia instantánea de láseres de semiconductor conmutados en ganancia”.
  • Otón E., Poudereux D., Quintana X., Otón J. M., Geday M. A. “Design, manufacturing and characterisation of a liquid crystal based blaze grating for space applications”.






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